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This website is hosted by Fusion Marketing.
If you are the website owner, please call our office to resolve any issues at 586-610-0055.

We also provide:

  • Website Design
    We create stunning websites that look good on all devices and they cost much less than you would think! From smaller business websites to online stores with thousands of products — we do it all.
  • Logo Design
    A quality logo should be identifiable even when its as small as a nickel (like our logo at the bottom of this page). We ask a lot of questions when designing a logo as it helps deliver the right message to your potential clients.
  • Graphic Design
    Fusion was founded by two graphic artists so naturally we excel at creating stunning collateral. Our background in print media can help you from making mistakes as you continue to grow.
  • Paper Printing
    We can print just about anything with our resources. Some popular items include; business cards, tri-folds, letterheads & envelopes, door hangers, postcards, posters and art prints. We can even print booklets for your next event.
  • Wide Format Printing
    We use wide-format printers for all of the 'fun' stuff like banners, vinyl decals, lawn signs. We can produce metal and PVC signage for the outside of your building. We also turn most jobs around within 2-3 days.
  • Content Writing
    Do you despise writing? I'm a web developer at FM and I know I do. Lucky for you we have content writers on staff that can help you sound like a pro! All we need are a few topics from you and we will work our magic.
  • Social Media
    How many hours a day do you spend on social media? If it's more than three you should contact us so you can concentrate on running your business —let us handle all time-wasters for you.
  • Photo & Video
    We do much more than point and shoot. Our experts have the background (and equipment) to produce high-quality images and video that document your special events or highlight your product.
  • Branding & Marketing
    We work with both large and small organizations across the United States as well as start-up companies, although, we are based in Roseville Michigan conveniently serving our local clients.