Custom Envelopes and the Many Different Options

Often, we focus on what’s inside an envelope, but the envelope is the first thing we see when we open our mailbox. Whether you’re a business owner, or you’re planning an event and you’re keen to generate excitement for from the start, investing in high-quality, printed envelopes can help you impress customers and guests.

At Pilgrim Printing, we offer a diverse range of custom envelopes. If you’re eager to ensure your company stands out from the crowd, or you’re sending out invitations and you want your envelopes to set the tone for a special occasion, we can help!


Our envelopes

At Pilgrim Printing, we offer an array of envelopes in different sizes, styles and colors. We can create custom printed designs for businesses and unique events, and we also produce large-scale orders for companies keen to send out marketing materials in branded envelopes. Our range includes:

A7 envelopes

A7 envelopes are one of the most common types of envelope. With this functional, practical envelope, you can send out letters, folded newsletters, and postcards. You can choose from a range of colors and add a personal touch if you’re keen to elevate your envelope to the next level. From basic, understated envelopes to eye-catching alternatives for a themed event, we can cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Printed envelopes

Envelope printing offers a raft of advantages for business owners, as well as organizations and customers planning either public or private events. With our high-quality printing services, we can add personal touches to help you promote your brand, send a message to guests, or make your correspondence stand out in the crowd.

Fancy envelopes

In many cases, when you send a letter, an average envelope will do the job. However, there may be times when a boring brown envelope simply won’t do the trick. If you’re in the midst of planning the party of the decade or the wedding of the year, you don’t want your beautiful invitation to be wrapped in a basic envelope.

Fancy envelopes that feature different colors, fonts and designs will catch the eye, turn heads and get people excited about what’s inside. If you are organizing an event, and you have a theme, designing a custom envelope is a fantastic way to drop hints or to let guests know what the theme is in advance!

Business envelopes

It takes the average human being just 7 seconds to formulate an opinion. In business, you don’t always get a second chance, so taking full advantage of those first few seconds is critical. You might not think that an envelope could seal a deal, but if you’re sending a letter or a brochure, your customer will see the envelope before they start reading about the products or services you’re offering. A smart, aesthetically-pleasing, good quality envelope will ensure you set the right tone.

Business envelopes can also help you promote your brand and encourage people to open their mail if you’re using marketing materials like flyers, newsletters, booklets or catalogs. A jazzy, colorful or intriguing envelope could make the difference between the recipient opening the envelope or throwing it on a pile of unopened mail!

Invitation envelopes

Sending out invitations is an essential part of planning any type of event. From weddings and business events to birthday parties and launch nights, choosing a custom envelope is an excellent way to make your invitation stand out. This will help to maximize the chances of guests and prospective customers opening your mail and to generate a buzz around the event!

If you’ve invested time and money in designing stunning invitations, it makes sense to finish the look and carry the theme with a matching envelope.

Custom wedding envelopes

There are few things more exciting for couples who are preparing to tie the knot than sealing envelopes and sending out invitations! Seeing names and dates and then hearing back from excited friends and family who have received their invitations in the mail makes everything real.

Many couples pay attention to designing unique invitations for their wedding, but what about the envelopes? You don’t want to envelop a spectacular, custom invitation in a cheap, plain or boring envelope. You can use your creativity and our fantastic printing services to create high-quality, distinctive envelopes that provide the perfect finishing touch!

We offer colored envelopes in a range of sizes, we can design customized envelopes and we can add details and touches to celebrate a theme.

wedding invitation envelope

Why are envelopes important?

At Pilgrim Printing, we strongly believe that envelopes have an important role to play. Not all envelopes are created equal, and investing in high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing envelopes can be beneficial for businesses and individuals who are organizing events.

  • Businesses

For businesses looking to connect with new customers and create leads, it’s important to understand the impact of first impressions. The person who receives your mail will see the envelope before they read a newsletter or see a flyer. When they see the envelope, they will decide right then to either open the letter or to discard it. By choosing the right kind of envelope, you can maximize your chances of prospective clients opening the mail you send out.

Research suggests that colored envelopes, personalization and a call to action can all boost open rates when compared to a bland, plain envelope. Many people are used to receiving a substantial amount of junk mail. You don’t want your mail to end up on a pile of flyers that will never be looked at.

Investing in envelopes that provoke a reaction and build intrigue can be hugely beneficial. Choose colors that match your brand personality and opt for design options that will appeal to your target market. An envelope sent by a bank or a law firm, for example, should look very different to a clothing brand that is targeting teenagers and young adults or a toy company. Think about the message you want to convey and the way you want your customers to perceive the brand!

Another advantage of customizing envelopes for companies is forming a connection and starting the process of promoting products or services before the recipient has even opened the seal! If you include a message on the front, there are details of an offer, or your tagline is visible, this could prompt the individual to take the next step and read the contents.

  • Individuals

Are you planning a wedding or a party, or are you sharing news of a new arrival or an exciting relocation? If you’re sending out invitations, or you’re posting letters to your nearest and dearest, why not make your mail even more special with a custom envelope?

You can build excitement from the start with a custom envelope for a wedding invitation or a party invite. If you have a theme or a color pallet in mind, you can use your envelopes to carry the theme and build anticipation!

If you’re going abroad, for example, and your invitation is in the form of a plane ticket, you could custom design airmail envelopes. If you’re opting for a chic, monochrome wedding, you could print on black envelopes. If you’re channeling the roaring 20s, adding gold detailing and an intricate trim is a fabulous idea. Whatever your plans, we can help you personalize your envelopes.

How to choose the right envelope

At Pilgrim Printing, we offer a vast selection of envelopes to cater to a wide range of clients. If you’re thinking about ordering envelopes for your business, or you’re about to start sending out invitations for a special occasion, there are several factors to bear in mind. Here are some tips to help you choose the right envelope:

  • Think about the color: do you want something bold and bright; or maybe more understated and elegant for a party or wedding invitation envelope? Have you got a color theme for the day? For a business, think about the colors you have in your logo and the kind of impression you want to create!
  • Adding a personal touch: do you want to personalize your envelopes, or are you going to write names and addresses yourself?
  • Your budget: how much do you want to spend? Once you’ve set a budget, you can go through ideas and get some quotes to find the best option.
  • Customization options: are you searching for a generic envelope? Do you want something unique?
  • Size: think carefully about size before you place an order. If you’re sending an invitation or a booklet or a brochure, for example, you may not want to have to fold the contents to fit.
  • The message: what are you using your envelope for? Are you keen to get everyone excited about an upcoming party or a wedding? Are you a business owner looking to introduce new customers to your brand? The style of envelope should be relevant to the message you’re sending and the target audience.

High-quality envelopes at affordable prices in the Tri County area

Whether you’re shopping for custom wedding invitation envelopes, or you’re looking for a company you can trust to take care of envelope printing for your business, we are here to help. At Pilgrim Printing, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality envelopes at affordable prices. We offer excellent value for money, and we take on all kinds of projects.

We have experience in working with local and regional businesses to create smart, professional-looking customized envelopes to impress customers and increase open rates. We can provide bulk-buying options at competitive prices.

At Pilgrim Printing, we work with individuals and organizations alike that are looking for unique envelopes for events and special occasions. We thoroughly enjoy meeting new clients, and we can help with ideas and design concepts if you’re in need of inspiration! We recognize the importance of quality when choosing envelopes. Most of all, we understand the impact a fabulous looking envelope can have on prospective customers or guests.

Why choose Pilgrim Printing?

Pilgrim Printing is a family-run business, which prioritizes both quality and customer service. Producing high-quality envelopes is our goal, but we’re also dedicated to ensuring that our clients are thrilled with the service we provide. It’s crucial to us to provide a transparent pricing policy and competitive prices, but we also want to make sure that the entire process is enjoyable for our customers.

We work closely with each and every client and it’s important to us to get to know you! We are always excited to get involved in new challenges and to welcome repeat customers back.

Our services are reliable and dependable, and we use cutting-edge technology, combined with many years of experience, to produce incredible results. We are meticulous in our approach, and we strive to ensure that every detail is perfect. We want you to be as delighted with the finished article as we are!

If you have a project in mind, or even if you’re working on ideas but you’re not quite sure how you want the finished article to look, we’re here to help! We can provide recommendations, as well as quotes, and we’re always happy to offer advice. In addition to an extensive range of envelopes, we provide a comprehensive printing and copying service. We can take care of all your printing needs!


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