Custom presentation folders with pockets and other folders for all your business needs

The role of folders in business is more important than you might think. While companies use them to file their annual statements, reports, and human resources materials, they’re also heavily involved in marketing and customer experience.

Many modern clients expect a degree of professionalism in presentation folders. They want the companies they work with to provide detailed and beautifully printed folders that reflect the brand.

In this article, Pilgrim Printing takes you through some of the types of custom pocket folders we supply and how you can use them. You’ll learn about their power when marketing and presenting to customers. Eventually, you’ll come to view them as a natural addition to your traditional, in-person promotional materials, such as your business cards and flyers.

There’s no reason why they should be something you hide in your archives. Folders are powerful tools you can use to promote what you do or what you want to say.


What Are Custom Presentation Folders

Custom presentation folders – also called pocket folders – are beautiful, bespoke branded pouches you can use to collate marketing materials. We print them on the inside and outside, adding helpful die-cut shapes that neatly collect loose-leaf paper.

Most companies include their logo and colors on the folder, but the design is entirely up to you. You could create something unique for a particular event or customer or something more generic – the choice depends entirely on your marketing strategy.

The goal of these folders is to create a great impression of your company. By using them, you immediately present yourself as a professional. Plus, you make all the papers inside more appealing and engaging, encouraging your audience to read them.

Thus, custom presentations folders are an investment in your business, just like any other set of marketing materials.


Why Use Custom Presentation Folders

Although your business might have digital aspirations, eventually, you’ll find yourself giving in-person presentations, either to clients, lenders, or colleagues. At that point, you’ll need something physical that you can hand out that contains all your paperwork and promotional material. You could use a plain folder, but that would be a missed opportunity.

Why give people something generic when professionally-printed marketing folders are so much better?

Remember, digital marketing can only take your marketing so far. Sometimes you’ll need to use the power of real interactions to move your business forward. And that’s where printed single pocket folders can help.

Here we discuss some of the reasons for using custom presentation folders in more detail.


Saving On Your Promotional Costs

Marketing to large audiences is expensive for small businesses. You often wind up spending a lot of money with little to show for it. For that reason, you need to use synergies wherever you can. One way to do that is to use your folders to promote your company instead of handing out separate flyers or printed sheets.

Think about how many people interact with your business or attend your conferences. If you’re similar to the average company, it is likely hundreds of people per month, if not thousands. Usually, those interactions will end with the person taking nothing with them except memories.

Giving them a custom-printed folder changes this! You’re handing them a branded keepsake they can refer to anytime in the future. When they leave, they’ll carry it with them, reminding them of your products and services wherever they go!

Now consider the opportunity cost of not providing customers with promotional folders. If you wanted to stay in touch with them, you would need to engage in some sort of outbound marketing, like pay-per-click advertising. And that gets expensive very quickly.


Increased Sales

The entire purpose of giving presentations is to increase sales. You want to make people as interested as possible in your business, convincing them of your worth and getting them to part with their cash, whether they are private customers or corporate clients.

Here again, marketing folders are beneficial. Often, clients won’t know immediately whether they want to purchase from you. Your presentation may have taught them that you are an expert with the right experience. But they will often need more time to figure out whether you offer something truly valuable that can help them.

This is where custom presentation folders can help. Handing out folders gives attendees something to take away with them and study in more detail afterward. They act as a repository of information customers can use after the fact.

Business customers can take your branded folder back with them to show to their team when finalizing whether or not to use your services. Regular private customers can also use them to consider your offering further – whatever it happens to be. The folder is a physical, tangible piece of marketing that, when seen throughout the day, will be a constant reminder of you and your brand.

Example – Real estate agents benefit massively from single pocket folders. At the end of a property viewing, they can hand their clients accommodation paperwork in a neat and beautifully-branded folder. Customers can then take this home, study it in detail, and, hopefully, go ahead with the sale.


Provide More Information

In time-limited interactions, it can be challenging to get all of your ideas and concepts across. You may only have a few minutes to make a pitch, explain yourself in a lecture, or make a sales presentation! And this means you can come away with the feeling that you somehow sold people short.

Imagine how differently you would feel if you handed out marketing folders at the end of the interaction. You would know for sure that your customers were getting all the marketing materials they needed to make a decision. Plus, you could state your case more concisely in writing, making all the costs and benefits clear.

Folders for business are also helpful for highlighting additional ideas you didn’t get a chance to explain in the interaction itself. For instance, you could provide additional case studies from customers you’ve already helped, showing prospective clients the kind of results you could generate for them.


Better Branding

Ultimately, marketing folders are all about branding. They’re something you can add to your existing stack of materials to project your business persona, creating something your customers can relate to.

Remember, custom-printed pocket folders offer a lot of space for communicating with your customers. Unlike business cards, they are physically substantial, meaning you can include a lot of information and beautiful images. Commonly, our clients like to include their logo, contact details, website address, mission statement, vision, and images.

In general, anyone interacting with your company for the first time should have a clear sense of your values, priorities, and what you offer. Thus, your folders should be more than something for collecting materials together – they should communicate your persona in some way, reflecting your brand guidelines.


Organize Your Promotional Materials

While many companies rely on digital technology to communicate their ideas, it comes with risks. Presentation software, the internet, and projectors don’t always work (as anyone who has done public speaking in the past will attest).

Presentation folders are a great low-risk alternative. You simply hand them out at the event – whatever that happens to be – and ensure everyone has a physical copy of the materials they need. By doing this, you can avoid the horrors of regular digital presentations, engaging your audience with tactile, physical materials they can examine in their hands. It’s an entirely different experience.

With physical paperwork, you also reduce your reliance on audiences going to the internet afterward to access documents – something you can never guarantee. With physical paperwork, you lower the barriers to accessing information. Attendees literally have it in their hands, making it much more likely they will examine it. Plus, you can make your folders look stunningly beautiful – something that is more challenging to do with a link sent to an email address.


Promote Yourself To Talented Prospective Employees

Finally, marketing folders are also useful for outlining the case for working for your business to prospective employees.

When it comes to hiring candidates, many companies take a cavalier approach. They often assume that they have the power in the relationship and that the applicant will take the job, no matter how they treat them.

However, talented employees have options. They often look around for the company offering them the best combination of pay, quality of work, and prospects.

Beautiful custom pocket folders can form part of your welcoming marketing. You can use them to create a fabulous first impression and provide all the information you need to pitch roles to high-quality candidates! They can then go home, study the materials you provide, and take their application to the next stage.

Presentation Folder 2

Types Of Presentation Folders

There is a range of different presentation folders available, depending on the type of marketing, presenting, or outreach you intend to do. Many of these are variations on the standard manila single-pouch design.

  • Standard folders. These folders are ideal for anyone looking for a simple solution for storing materials. Usually, A4-sized these provide cardboard protection at the front and an internal pouch to hold all papers inside.
  • Reinforced folders. These presentation folders are heavy-duty. They’re ideal for any business handing out presentation materials outdoors or on building sites.
  • Tri-panel folders. Tri-panel folders are identical to standard folders except for the additional leaf. Businesses that want to provide additional images, such as real estate brokers, find this kind of folder helpful.
  • Tab folders. Do you have a lot of information you need to organize? If so, you could benefit from tab folders – a special kind of folder that provides a small protruding tab so customers can flick to relevant material quickly.
  • Mini folders. Perhaps you don’t have a large amount of material, or the standard A4 format isn’t suitable for your application. If so, then mini folders are ideal. These provide space for small inserts, such as wedding timetables or even restaurant menus.


How To Benefit From Custom Presentation Folders

Ordering customer presentation folders is easy. But figuring out what you’re going to put on them can be a heck of a lot more challenging. Here are some handy tips for getting the most out of your order.


Make Your Branding Clear

You’ll most likely use custom presentation folders with pockets to market your business to potential customers. Thus, getting your branding right is essential. Where possible, try to view your folders as just another medium to apply your branding principles – something you’ve hopefully already set out in your branding guidelines. This approach will make it easy to slot it into your existing marketing stack and make it consistent with your offline and online outreach.


Make Sure That Your Folder Design Is Slightly Larger Than The Items It Contains

Folders aren’t the same size as the documents they contain – they’re bigger. Because of this, you’ll need to slightly scale up your regular design so that it covers the entire face of the folder without looking stretched.


Make Your Contact Details Visible

Many businesses like to treat single pocket folders like website homepages, including important information like their name and contact details. Added touches like this make it easy for people to get in touch with you afterward, giving you additional opportunities to sell.


Choose A Folder Style That Suits Your Needs

While the print on your folders is critical, so too is the form-factor you choose. Some folders are more appropriate for certain situations than others. For instance, legal-style folders might be better for presentations that deal with a wide variety of complicated products. At the same time, heavy-duty versions could be better for construction applications – such as handing out safety instructions to colleagues.


Custom Presentation Folders For All Your Business Needs

Are you looking for “local print shops near me?” We provide presentation folder printing to assist your marketing. You can get a variety of customer pocket folders for practically any application you can imagine. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the options available to you.